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Luxurisima's Brazilian hair products are developed to perform better than any traditional repairing products available; Luxurisima's treatments are designed to create miraculously perfect hair! It’s no secret that Brazil is the home for the most innovative and effective hair care products due to its tremendous demand for perfection when it comes to beauty treatments.

Enjoy immediate results with Luxurisima's highly intensive Hair Detox revitalizer consisting of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and collagen. Previously available exclusively for the most upscale hair salons in the world, Luxurisima Hair Detox works to intensively to repair cuticle damage. As a result, the creamy product efficiently repairs weak and brittle hair, removing frizz and restoring healthiness and shine with miraculous results that last up to three months. After just one application you will experience the silky smoothness and shine you’ve always longed for! This treatment is ideal for all hair types and works wonders to battle both summer and winter season conditions that leave hair dry with split ends, dull and hard to manage. The 30g treatment comes in a pleasant scent of cherry.

Application: once every three months.
Instructions: wash hair preferably with sulfate-free shampoo to eliminate residues and to open hair cuticles. Without applying a conditioner, towel dry hair. Add Luxurisima Hair Detox strand by strand, then cover hair with a shower cap for 30-45 minutes. Wash hair with water only. To finish, dry hair with a dryer and use a straightening iron to ensure that the product is fully absorbed to hair.

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