American Dream: A Fashion and Beauty Mogul's Basics To Building A Million Dollar Empire
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Learn how to turn a few hundred dollars into a successful multinational business empire! Star of her new TV show, owner of various luxury beauty brands and a celebrity swimwear line seen at fashion week, Anita Rincón is a self-made beauty, fashion and entertainment powerhouse. Creating a globally successful empire by the age of 27, Anita is an inspiration to today's generation of business-oriented women. Her story serves as motivation to many as she started her first company with a mere few hundred dollars on her bank account and pushed her way to international success through determination and hard work. Born in Northern Europe, Anita currently resides in New York City. With this empowering guide, the modern queen of entrepreneurship serves as a personal mentor to her readers as she helps them take the steps to building a million dollar fashion and beauty empire from scratch. The book consists of Anita's secrets to success with real-life experiences through topics such as setting and achieving goals efficiently, turning your name into a brand, balancing career and love, and much more. Get ready to become the next international business mogul just like Anita!

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